Photo shoot for Craft Development programme, L'Derry

I cannot believe that our last post was in May. We’ve been so busy with various photographic shoots that updating the website has taken a back seat.

I would like to share with you some of the photos from the Craft Development Programme that we have been taking for Derry City and Strabane District Council. This has been an ongoing project since June, starting with photographing the exhibition at 'The Secret Garden' which was taking place at the Craft Village in L'Derry. Last Friday (31 July) we finally completed the project by photographing the 'Pot Around Town' exhibition. Product photography is one of our areas of expertise and it has been a pleasure photographing the work of so many talented designer makers in L'Derry and the surrounding area.

The Secret Garden exhibition involved photographing the work of Edel Macbride, Bernie Murphy, Karen O’Kane, Kevin-McGrellis, Naomi Fleury, Susan Woods  and also the work of designers at the The Textile Hub. Some samples below.

We then had a whirl wind photo shoot traveling in between the workshops of a number of ceramists that were involved in the 'Pots Around Town' exhibition. We photographed  Adam Frew, Tom Agnew and Brian McGee and Deirdre O’ Callaghan of Doc Pot at their workshops. It was a long day, but worthwhile, meeting these highly creative artists.

For the second week of this project we were accommodated at the thatched cottage at the Craft Village for three full days of shooting. We set up a great studio at the cottage and photographed the work of 35 designer makers - it was equivalent to a photo shoot marathon. Although extremely hard work, it was great to be surrounded by so much creativity - we were blown away with the amount of talent. The samples below are a small representation of  the work carried out these three days.

Last Friday we returned to Derry to photograph the 'Pots Around Town' Exhibition. This exhibition was the brain child of Deirdre O’Callaghan  who had got the idea from a similar project in Sweden. It was raining cats and dogs last Friday, but we soldiered on and completed the job, taking opportunities anytime there was a dry spell - Who said the life of a photographer is glamorous?!!! Some samples below.

One of the most enjoyable part of the project was the model photo shoot for The Fashion Hub. We photographed the work of three very talented fashion designers and the model (Jade) was a dream to work with. Samples below. 

This project has been hard work, but we are delighted with the result and we would love to be able to carry out similar projects for other creative organisations. Please contact us with your photo requirements.