Recent activities

So much has happened since our last post. We've been involved in a number of enjoyable projects and have had very little time to update our blog. So, what have we been up to?

  • After a slow start, our photos are selling on iStock. This is something we will build on. If you wish to view the selection of images we are offering for sale, please visit our iStock portfolio. We'll be adding to this selection of photographs for purchase.
  • Sohaila's personal blog has gained a few more recipes. I love preparing these recipes and very much enjoy the photographic process involved in creating the recipes. Please view and cook some of the recipes. I would love to hear your views.
  • One of the food projects we carried out in February was for Shed Bistro in Belfast who commissioned us for a photo shoot of their spring menu. I loved the shoot. The food looked great and the staff were fantastic to work with. Below is a slideshow of the outcome.
  • We've also been busy with a great project for Craft NI. The project involved photographing the work of artists exhibiting at the Innovation Boost Exhibition. I must say it was a joy to photograph such a great selection of work. Below is a slideshow of the images.
  • I almost forgot -  Last month we were asked by Down Business Centre to deliver a lecture at their Digital day on the use of mobile devices for business photography. We have had quite a lot of positive feedback from the attendees.