Product photo shoot for the talented Jacki Sleator

A few months ago I ran a promotion, providing %15 discount for product photography. Jacki Sleator a textile designer from Omagh was one of the designer makers that took up the offer. Jacki had been present at the product photography workshop that I conducted in June 2015 for Craft NI and knew and liked my style of product photography.

In November Jacki came to the studio with a couple of her felt hats and three scarves for the studio photo shoot. I had seen Jacki's work on her website, but I had really not appreciated the amazing delicacy and the beautiful textures that she incorporates within her designs. She is a true artist.

When thinking about the shoot, just placing the hats and the scarfs on the infinity table and shooting them was not an option. I decided to lift the scarfs and the hats by various means, and I chose my lighting carefully to emphasise the textures and the delicacy of the materials. For the hats, I was very keen not to use a manikin which would have given the photographs an old fashioned look. I therefore came up with the idea of using a simple face profile to place the hats over, which made the photographs visually much more interesting.

Jacki was delighted with her photographs and below is what she wrote to me afterwords:

"....Have been looking at the images and slide show again and they are just marvellous!
So thank you again!...."

I also provided Jacki with a slideshow which I'll be uploading here soon.

So..... below are the result of my product photography shoot for the talented Jacki Sleator. I would welcome your comments below.

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