Recently when in Rome, in pouring rain, we visited the Maxxi National Museum of the 21st Century Arts designed by Zaha Hadid.

We love Zaha Hadid's  designs and it was a privilege to spend a few hours photographing the interesting spaces of the interior and exterior of the building. As visitors we were only allowed to photograph the foyer and the restaurant. Even this limited space offered amazing, shapes and forms for great photography. 

As it was pouring rain and the light was quite low, when photographing the exterior, I tried to use a tripod but I was told off (with sign language) by the security guard that taking photos was OK as long as I did not use the tripod. I never understand the fear of tripod in public places. Italian law follows a similar approach to other Western jurisdictions, i.e. “unsolicited photographs taken in public places are permitted where they are not for profit, for artistic and cultural purposes, do not infringe public safety, public morality or human dignity” I suppose I was not entirely stopped, but warned about the use of tripod. I obliged and carried on photographing without a tripod.  Below is the combined effort of our selection of photos from this shoot.

The moral of of the story is never allow a dull, rainy day to stop you from photographing. In fact the wet day created these amazing reflections that would have otherwise not been possible. Perhaps we will go back another time when the sun is shining to photograph this amazing building against blue sky. Surely it cannot be raining all the time in Rome.