As portrait photographers, it is the character portrayed by the faces, their expressions, posture and features that we seek to capture. Whether young in body or young at heart, we aim to portray an aspect of the person's personality or that of the family or corporate group.

Nowadays the proliferation of cameras has made it so easy for anyone to take photographs. In 2013 Yahoo estimated that in 2014, 880 billion photographs will be taken. However, for a truly professional portrait it is the experience, the creativity, the lighting and the composition of a skilled photographer that makes a portrait truly unique and enduring.

Before starting a photo shoot we talk to our clients, to get a sense of their personality and become familiar with their features. We look for the best angles to take the shots so that their portraits are flattering and pleasing. We aim to create a wow factor.

In post production, we take particular care over the retouching of images that are going to be printed. Nowadays there is a lot of software available for portraiture post production, but there is a tendency with some photographers to over-use this software and consequently make a person’s face look plastic and unreal.

With many years experience in Photoshop and being sensitive with regard to human features and feelings, our portrait post production is done subtly and sensitively. We have skills in glamour retouching and use techniques that leave the face looking natural, while removing any unwanted blemishes that may spoil the look of the portrait. In particular we take account of age and gender when retouching - it’s definitely not a case of one glove fits all.

Our studio is based in Newcastle, Co. Down, within easy access to Belfast, Lisburn and Newry, and we're happy to carry out location shoots anywhere in Northern Ireland. If you are young or not so young, individual or part of a family or other group, we would love to have the opportunity to take your portrait.

To discuss a project, or for any enquiries regarding our portrait photography services, please email us or call 028 4372 7171