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 I can trace my love of photography to when I was a child, tearing out photos from National Geographic magazine for my room. My creative nature led to studing three dimensional design for my degree, and when moving to Northern Ireland I switched to graphic design, working in various advertising agencies. When digital photography came along, the restrictions of darkroom were replaced by the liberty of Photoshop, and embracing the camera I photographed everything till the cows came home! In 2010 I decided to go back to college to study photography, completing the course with a distinction in food photography.

Born in Iran where the colours, the gorgeous smells and the culture of food were very much ingrained in my DNA, it is not a wonder that food photography now gives me such an amazing buzz. When working on a food photo shoot, I love the process of planning the shoot, researching the props, the composition and the food styling. I am not strictly a food stylist, but my design background has enabled me to carry out this task for my clients. When working with chefs or food producers I enjoy bouncing ideas back and forth until we are satisfied the food I am photographing is a great demonstration of their artistry.     

When photographing products or buildings, I am certain that my three dimensional training comes into play. I understand the time, effort and creativity that is involved in producing a creative product or building. Many of my product clients are in the creative sector - in every shoot l make sure their creativity is shining through. 

Having worked in the advertising industry, previously employing commercial photographers but now working as a commercial photographer myself, I believe I have a greater insight into my clients’ requirements than I might otherwise have.

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